What is surebetting?

Most of us know what a bet is. And most of us know that you can bet on different games (football, Tennis, Basket etc.). The problem with regular betting is that it can sometimes be hard to win and you will most likely see your money going down the drain. This is why you only should use surebetting.

Surebetting which is also called "Sports arbitrage", "Arbitrage betting" or "surebets" is a situation where the odds differ enough to make all outcomes profitable. In other words, you will win no matter what the results are.

Arbitrage Betting

Hundreds and even thousands of these opportunities arise every day and therefore you could make a lot of money with Arbitrage betting.
The problem is that these opportunities only exist for a couple of minutes (sometimes only seconds).

To master this problem you would have to be really quick with your hand which can be way to hard. Or you could use a software that finds these so called "arbs" and does almost all the work for you.

There are different softwares on the market for Arbitrage betting but the most ones that are free are not so good.

The reason for them not being good is that they update really slow and the return in percentage (profit) is also very low when using free softwares. We are not saying you can't use free softwares because of course you could but it would make your "money earning" a lot harder and frustrating.

People sometimes asks us if there is a catch or a downside to arbitrage betting. Well, the only risk you have is when an odds is "too good to be true".


The odds that Federer will win the tennis match on Williamhill or Betfair is between 2.0-2.5, when in the meantime the same odds is 9.4 at Unibet. The odds at Unibet is then considered "too good to be true" since it's so high.

That is a very basic explanation, but that is what sometimes happen and the bet gets cancelled which ends up in you having your money back (the money you placed on the bet). These so called "Faulty bets" don't occur so much anymore and are very rare.

Conclusion: If you see a bet that seems "too good to be true", don't bet. Trust us when we say that you will notice if a bet is "too good to be true" or "Faulty". But you will most likely never see a bet like that, so the risk is very minimal.

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