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Making money with surebets...

...has never been easier. A couple of years ago you would have to find the odds yourself and be very quick with placing the bets. Nowadays you have softwares that does that for you.

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RebelBetting example surebets

RebelBetting example.

I have listed two different softwares below for you to check out.

Both of them can be tested out for free and the Pro versions cost around 19-129 euro. With the pro versions you will have a much faster update time and you will also be able to see surebets with a much higher percentage (profit). When we mention "percentage (profit)" we mean the return in percentage that you will get from each surebet. 

An example:

If you bet/invest 1000 euro and the profit is 7%. You'll get 1070 euro back. Profit: 70 euro.

It may not seem much but you also have to consider the time you invest as well. A game of football is usually 95 minutes (including extra time).
You therefore made 70 euro in less than 2 hours. If you can make a profit of 70 euro everyday the software has paid for itself by multiple times.
You can easily make around 150-200 euro in a day. You can do the math of our monthly income just from sports arbitrage.

If you look at the picture to the right you will see the profit in percent.

When I, for the first time saw the prices I thought they were a bit expensive but then I figured out that I can make a good profit which will cover the cost of the "surebets softwares" multiple times as I stated earlier. If you do decide to try out the PRO softwares then the best way would be to handle all the payments via this company. If you feel that you would rather pay via you bank/credit card that would work as well.


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RebelBetting is the best and fastest software on the market. Fast realtime updates and no lag. It is a bit expensive but it is definitely worth it.

+ Great design and layout.
+ Very fast.
+ Gives you the best and safest surebets on the market.

- The only con there is to this software is the price. But trust us, the software will pay for itself multiple times ones you start investing/surebetting.

Conclusion: Definitely worth trying. The amount of money you will pay is nothing compared to what you can earn with this software. The surebets it gives you are the best and it will make you wish that you had found out about this earlier.

MatchedBetting TEXT

MatchedBetting is a great online software that doesn't need to be downloaded. Although it's not fully automatic like RebelBetting, you can still find great surebets and manually place the bets.

+ Very fast.
+ Updates all the time.
+ Great to use with so called "Bonus harvesting".

+ Cheap compared to RebelBetting.

- It is not automatic like RebelBetting.

Conclusion: Only worth trying if you know what you're doing. Since MatchedBetting isn't automatic like RebelBetting where you just click play, you should have a little bit of experience before trying this online software.